required donor board
This reproduction requires one of the following donor carts; no other game will work. You must send us one of these games to be converted to the reproduction of your choice. If you're unable to find any of these games, e-mail us, we sometimes have extra donor carts which we sell at cost.

Games in RED can also be used, but an extra charge of $3 will apply to upgrade the game to use a battery.
Base Wars
Deja Vu
Gold Medal Challenge
Kirbys Adventure
Might & Magic
Pool of Radiance
Tecmo Basketball
Tecmo Superbowl
Wario Woods
Bill Elliot Nascar
Bo Jackson Baseball
Bugs bunny birthday blowout
Dracula (imagesoft)
felix the cat
gauntlet 2
home alone
image fight
jurassic park
kid klown
king quest 5
MC Kids
Silver Surfer
Star Wars
Super Mario Bros 2
Super Mario Bros 3
Tetris 2
Tiny Toon workshop
where in time is carmen
where's waldo